SchlossfriederSchlossfrieder - Herbal Liqueur Made in Germany since 1842AnnaSchlossfrieder 1842



Phonetic: šlɔs’fri:dər

English: Peacefulpalace

Latin: Arce autem tranquillium

Slang: Sloshed-friday

Schlossfrieder – Herbal-Liqueur

Made in Germany since 1842

Old secret family recipe from 1842 made with exclusive selection of highest quality herbs and specific botanicals along with the finest of spices.

Professionally macerated in alcohol and blended with absolute perfect levels of natural sugar together with pure spring water. This to achieve the desired composition of mixture into this matured and exquisite tasting liqueur. Schlossfrieder has a very dedicated and loyal following of connoisseurs, and is now also being promoted internationally to the vast market of quality-conscious connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages outside of Germany.

This epic tasting Schlossfrieder liqueur from Germany, made of herbs, roots and fruits, has already proved itself wonderful or even superior to several individuals from various places around the globe, from Canada right through to New Zeeland.

Schlossfrieder is pronounced more like Shlohssfreeder for the English speaking tounge, and has been given the nick-name Sloshed-Friday abroad. The true background and meaning of the name is derived from the old Schloss (Castle) in Siegen where it was made, and from the nick-name of the most common workers in the area of Alt-Siegen in the mid 1800´s called “Frieder” (steelworker). Given a straight word translation, it would rather be named palace-of-tranquility.
It was initially produced as a digestive elixir (magenlikör) and had a strength of 45% Vol. Alcohol. This got adjusted through the years and is today called kräuterlikör and has a strength of 32% Vol.

Schlossfrieder embodies the slogan – “Really too nice to mix!” and stands true to this saying, in that the most enjoyable way to drink it would be; 4cl in a shot-glass, served chilled at +5°C / +40°F degrees and relished just by itself, together with friends and loved ones.

The Schlossfrieder story from the day of its initial commencement right through to this day, is a very interesting one full of dramatic and even tragic events which in overall only adds to its stature as a single piece of preserved heritage handed down to us through the centuries from a gone era.
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